SCIENTIFIC: The design is in accordance with the state’s authoritative standards. While keeping the basic functions of the traditional outdoor fitness equipments it takes in the essence of health care in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts. Not only do these products satisfy the needs of the young for body building, but also help to effectively prevent and heal cardiovascular disease, arthritis, etc. that are commonly encountered by senior citizens.

SAFE: The Safety Requirement for Outdoor Fitness Equipment as per GB19272-2003 is strictly applied in the production process. All products passed ISO9001-2000 and GS certification and are insured by Pacific Insurance Company of China.

ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: In addition to the quality materials used, the equipments are assembled with non-exposed screws and quality bearings so as to avoid noise pollution and increase their durability. Special treatment is also done to the surface of the products to make them evenly colored, nice and harmonious with the surroundings.

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