Plastic Runway-MONDO

The development of Italian Mondo Group has been in perfect harmony with modern sport blooming. As the designated supplier for a consecutive 7 Olympic games, Mondo has built up its brand as number one in the field of international synthetic runway. The process of Mondo product innovation is also closely connected with those higher and higher world¡¯s records in track and field.

Mondo¡¯s Super X represents top comfort, durability and speed in the world. All of these are attributed to its selection from natural rubber material and its strict and advanced manufacturing technique, such as pre-molding, high temperature and high pressure, etc. So far, no other runway system has been known that compares Mondo.

PSPC’s Respatex precast Spuash Court

Texure performs in all conditions because it is firm,awt when wet,channels water away from the main contact surface still providing great traction in wet conditions.

These advanced deforming geometries are only possible with factory manufactured molded materials.They cannot be poured on site.

This is how an
athletics track is

  1. wear layer
  2. shock pad
  3. adhesive
  4. hot asphalt,thickness 20-35mm
  5. hotasphalt,min.thickness 40mm
  6. gravel base
  7. natural subgrade