Plastic Runway-CONICA
Headquartered in scenic Switzerland, Conica is a famous European PU plastic runway & outdoor sport playground material supplier. Its products have been widely used in the construction of large stadiums all over the world. All kinds of plastic runways and outdoor sport playground to which Conica materials is applied have been certified by IAAF and other relevant sports federations.

Power sports products Co., Ltd is the supplier of Conica in Chinese Mainland and also a specialized manufacturer in domestic sport playground construction. POWER sets its objective and responsibility as relying on continuous innovation of material, advance of installation technology and improvement of service to provide the people with specialized, high-standard and perfect sports playground and facilities.

The alliance of economic powers makes outstanding achievements. Conica and Power will make full use of their own advantages to improve the construction standard of Chinese field and track playground and outdoor sports playground. They will make efforts to contribute to Chinese sport career.

As EN ISO certified industry of chemical engineering, POWER takes its responsibility of environmental protection and customer safety without hesitation. Therefore POWER has adopted the most advanced manufacturing techniques in the world, creating safest working environment for the ecological and economical design and manufacture of its products.

©¤©¤©¤©¤©¤©¤©¤©¤©¤©¤ Characteristics ©¤©¤©¤©¤©¤©¤©¤©¤©¤©¤©¤

¡ñ Perfectly smooth and even surface and excellent performance
¡ñ Track curve deflection control
¡ñ Track curve guardrailed
¡ñ World¡¯s records setting in the most important international matches
¡ñ Colors and boundaries designed by professional engineers according to IAAF standard

©¤©¤©¤ Permanently Guardrailed Track Curve Runway ©¤©¤©¤©¤

¡ñStandard or customized to satisfy customers¡¯ requirements in construction and budget
¡ñMovable or permanent field events area and equipment
¡ñRecommended by IAAF

©¤©¤©¤ Hydraulic Pressure-driven Guardrailed Runway ©¤©¤©¤

¡ñStandard or customized 200-meters/6 tracks indoor runway
¡ñ3 positions: level, transition and elevation
¡ñl Only 3 minutes taken from level to elevation
¡ñl The whole ground also used for other sport games and activities when in level placement
¡ñl Steel structured
¡ñl Hydraulic pressure mechanism and automatic operation
¡ñl Movable or permanent field events area and equipment
¡ñl Recommended by IAAF