Respatex Spuash Court
PSPC’s Respatex precast Spuash Court
PSPC’s Respatex uses the prwcast squash court system.Compares with the accustomed plaster tablet,this system has prominent advantages not only on the construction but also on the durability and maintenance.It also has on the period of using,it will not create wear and tear,the scratch,and the ballprint can be cleaned easily by wet rags. Cost a lower maintenance cost and we will provide a five-year guarantee for the batting surface under the common wearing and tearing.
PSPC’s Squash Wall Court Sydtem
PSPC’s Squash Wall System was invented in England 25year ago.Different from the common squash court,it adopts a kind of resin as its main element.As a result,this system possesses the advantanges of high strength and endurance of impaction.It is the first one to pass the test and become the approved matreial of International Squash Racket Federation.
Products Features

  • Endurable
  • High Intensity: 50% more than common field material
  • Faster construction and no maintain period
  • Easy repaired£ºrepaired part
  • Easy clean